Roads List

Roads available for adoption.

Status Sec # Road Name
Available  1 Alderwood Mall Parkway (from 164th St SW to SR 525 on/off ramp) 
Available 3 148th St SW
(from 52nd Ave W to 35th Ave W)
Available 4 Picnic Point Rd
(from 140th St SW to 61st Pl W)
Available 5 4th Ave W / 132nd St SW
(from 128th St SW to Ash Way)
Available 6 Admiralty Way
(from Center Rd to 128th St SW)
Available  7  180th St SE
(from SR 527 to 35th Ave SE)
Available 8 Brook Blvd / 23rd Ave SE
(from 180th St SE to 168th St SE)
Available 9 168th St SE
(from 35th Ave SE to 23rd Ave SE)
Available  10  Larch Way
(from 164th St SW to 180th St SW)
Available 11 180th St SE
(from 51st Ave SE to Interurban Blvd)
Available 12 156th St SE
(from 35th Ave SE to Sunset Rd)
Available 18 51st Ave SE / 116th St SE / 56th Ave SE
(from 117th St SE to 114th St SE)
Available 19 116th St SE / 46th Dr SE / 117th St SE
(from 39th Ave SE to 51st Ave SE)
Available  24 164th St SW
(from 36th Ave W to I-5 SB On/Off Ramps) 
Available 26 39th Ave SE (from 223rd St SE to 214th St SE) 
Available 28 35th Ave SE (from 116th St SE to 100th St SE) 
Available 29 112th St SW
(from 9th Pl W to Meridian Pl W)
Available  31 Airport Rd/128th St SW (from SR 99 to I-5 SB on/off ramp) 
Available 32 Beverly Park Rd
(from SR 525 (Mukilteo) to Airport Rd (Everett))
33 132nd St SE / 134th Pl SE
(from Seattle Hill Rd to Snohomish Cascade Dr) 
Available  34  Cathcart Way
(from Snohomish Cascade Dr to Puget Park Dr)
Available  35 Cathcart Way
(from Puget Park Dr to SR 9) 
Available  36 Cavalero Rd (from Lake Stevens City Limits to 78th Ave SE)
Not Available 42 Mt. Loop Hwy
(from Clear Creek Rd (S End) to 469th Ave NE)
Available 43 Lakewood Rd
(from Frank Waters Rd to entrance of Lake Goodwin Community Park)
Available 44 52nd Ave W/Beverly Park Rd
(from 148th St SW to Mukilteo city limits - 47th Pl W) 
Available 45 East side of Cascadian Way
(from 164th St SE to Meadow Pl SE)

Roads that are already adopted.

Status Sec # Road Name
Adopted 2 Gibson Road
(from Ash Way to SR 99)
Adopted by HAYRING
Adopted   13, 14,15,16 & 17 Puget Park Dr (from 134th Pl SE to Silver Firs),
Puget Park Dr (from Silver Firs Dr to Cathcart Way),
Snohomish Cascade Dr (from Puget Park Dr to Puget Park Dr),
Snohomish Cascade Dr (from Cathcart Way to Puget Park Dr)  
148th St SE (from Puget Park Dr to Seattle Hill Rd) Adopted by T.C. Hyatt with John L. Scott
Adopted AW  236th St NE (from 13th Ave NE to 35th Ave NE) Adopted by Angel of the Winds
Adopted 21 88th St SE
(from 131st Ave SE to SR 2 WB On/Off Ramps)
Adopted by Applin Construction
Adopted 22 34th Ave NE / Stimson Rd (Fire Trail Rd)
(from 128th St NE to 140th St NE/Stimson Rd)
Adopted by Consolidated Landscape Maintenance, Inc.


23 Old 99 N
(from 100 ft NW of 276th St NW to 300th St NW) Adopted by Asphalt Hooligans
Adopted  24 164th St SW (from 36th Ave W to I5 on/off ramps) Adopted by Pinnacle Roofing
Adopted  25 164th Ave SW (from 13th Ave W to 3rd Ave SE) Adopted by NAMI of Greater Seattle
Adopted 27 35th Ave SE(from SR 96/132nd St SE to 116th St SE)
Adopted by Davison Roofing, Inc.
Adopted 30 4th Ave W
(from 128th St SW to 105th St SW)
Adopted by Machinists Volunteer Program IAM & AL District 751
Adopted 37   S Machias Rd
(from Old Machias Rd to Old Machias Rd S) Adopted by Joe Hernandez
Adopted  38 Kayak Pt Rd (from Marine Dr to 140th St NW) Adopted by Lake Stevens First Baptist Church
Adopted  39, 40, 41 140th St NW (from Kayak Pt Rd to 56th Ave NW),
Marine Dr NE (from I-5 on/off ramp to 14th Ave NE),
Marine Dr NE (from 14th Ave NE to 7th Dr NW) Adopted by Carpenter Family and Friends