About the Executive - Dave Somers

Dave Somers took office as the Fifth Snohomish County Executive on January 1, 2016. Having served for 14 years on the Snohomish County Council, Dave is focused on developing policies to make our community safer, healthier, and more prosperous. He has championed fiscal accountability and being a responsible steward of the public’s resources.

Dave manages the 12 diverse departments that comprise the Snohomish County government, including Public Works, Paine Field Airport, Emergency Management, Human Services, Medical Examiner, Parks, and Planning and Development Services. County government touches every family in Snohomish County, whether getting a permit, licensing a pet, engaging with the justice system, voting, or enjoying the Evergreen State Fair.

Dave believes more needs to be done to create regional partnerships, improve customer service, and build sustainable finances for Snohomish County. He is committed to improving the delivery of services to the public and ensuring everything possible is being done to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. Dave has championed agriculture and sustainable development as the smartest way to preserve what makes Snohomish County great.

Dave is President of the Puget Sound Regional Council  and on the Sound Transit Board, focusing on reforming the agency for achieving greater efficiency and delivering light rail from Lynnwood to Everett. He is on the Board of the National Association of Counties and the County Executives of America, giving Snohomish County a voice in regional and national policy-making. Dave is a strong proponent for mass transit in general and light rail in particular, looking forward to the day when it reaches Lynnwood, Everett, and Paine Field.

Dave is a proud graduate of the University of Washington where he earned a master’s degree in forest ecology and a BS in fisheries science.