Interactive Maps of Snohomish County

  1. SCOPI


    The Snohomish County On-line Property Information interactive map shows property ownership information, sales history, and appraisal benchmark boundaries.

  2. PDS Map Portal

    PDS Map Portal

    The PDS Map Portal provides quick access to a wealth of planning-related information for unincorporated Snohomish County by using Map Themes, navigate through topics, such as Zoning, Future Land Use, Critical Area Regulations, Capital Facilities, and many more. The PDS Map Portal also offers a variety of built in tools for further exploration of data layers, as well as tools for searching, querying, creating, and editing features and annotation.

  3. PDS Active Projects and Permits Map

    PDS Active Projects and Permits Map

    The PDS Active Projects and Permits Interactive Map provides quick access to all active projects and permit information for unincorporated Snohomish County.

  4. PDS iGallery

    PDS iGallery

    The PDS iGallery is an application designed to deliver our pre-built GIS-based cartographic map products to our customers by using an intuitive, interactive web viewer.

  5. Non-Emergency Number Lookup

    Non-Emergency Number Lookup

    Help keep 911 lines open for true emergencies. Use the Non-Emergency Contact Information App to look up your local Police, Fire and Dispatch center's non-emergency contact information.

  6. SR 530-Oso Slide

    SR 530-Oso Slide

    An interactive map responding to the Oso Slide along SR530 and the North Fork Stillaguamish River on 3/22/2014. Depicts approximate landslide, buildings & landmarks, topography, transportation, aerial, and terrain imagery.

  7. Permit, Planning and Zoning Map

    Permit, Planning and Zoning Map

    The Department of Planning and Development Services includes assessor parcel data, permit information, lakes and streams, river channels subject to migration, flood information, elevation contours, fire districts, school districts, shoreline areas, urban growth areas (UGA's), Municipal UGA's (MUGA), zoning, Comprehesive Plan future land use, and 2007 color aerial photography.

  8. SnoScape


    The SnoScape interactive map shows information about key landscape features in Snohomish County.

  9. Drainage Inventory Map

    Drainage Inventory Map

    This map enables citizens to view the county’s storm water infrastructure online. The drainage infrastructure includes catch basins, drainage features, and a drainage network that shows where storm water flows.

  10. Crime Mapping

    Crime Mapping

    CrimeMapping is an interactive website that tracks criminal activity in the jurisdictions under the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office. The site provides the public with valuable information about recent crime activity within their neighborhood. A well-informed public leads to safer communities.

  11. Focus on Farming

    Focus on Farming

    The Focus on Farming Interactive Map is a helpful tool for viewing regulatory conditions that affect commercial farm operations. The map shows parcel boundaries with County Zoning, Flood Hazard areas, and Shoreline Environment areas.

  12. Real-time Flood Warning Information

    Real-time Flood Warning Information

    Access Snohomish County's gaging infrastructure of 8 river gages that monitor the height of the water level at each location.

  13. Voter Precincts and Districts

    Voter Precincts and Districts

    The interactive map shows the location of voter precincts and districts in Snohomish County. The map can be used to identify elected officials and voting districts for specific locations.

  14. Paine Field Airport

    Paine Field Airport

    The Paine Field Airport interactive map provides assistance for developers who may need to complete FAA Form 7460-1, "Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration" to comply with Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), part 77.

  15. River Atlas

    River Atlas

    The River Atlas provides easy access to river analysis, design, and restoration work, and historical data including photographs of Snohomish County's rivers through the ages.

  16. Snohomish County Road Closure Map

    Snohomish County Road Closure Map

    Snohomish County Road Closure Map Current listing of roads closed under the jurisdiction of Snohomish County.

  17. Stillaguamish River Clean Water District Web Map

    Stillaguamish River Clean Water District Web Map

    Access information about funded and completed Discretionary Fund projects in the Stillaguamish River Clean Water District.