Public Facilities and Infrastructure

The Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program funds are allocated to entitlement community grantees through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to carry out a wide range of community development activities directed toward revitalizing neighborhoods and providing improved community facilities and services.




The CDBG funds for the Public Facilities and Infrastructure program are intended to benefit low and moderate income individuals, families and neighborhoods. This can be accomplished through providing funding for improvements to public facilities such as senior centers, shelters, and other agencies that provide services for low and moderate income persons and families. Targeted goals of the program also include improving neighborhoods that are occupied by primarily low-and moderate-income (LMI) individuals and families through improving streets, sidewalks, water systems, and other infrastructure needs in the area. Information on LMI neighborhoods can be found at:
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Arlington Community Food Bank
Darrington South Water Tank

Estimated Funding Cycle

Annually, in the fall, a Notice of Funding Availability is published in “The Herald” and applications will be made available at:
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For further information, a CDBG Public Facilities & Infrastructure Application Workshop is held each fall.

Project Benefits

Every project assisted with CDBG Funds must principally benefit LMI persons or households.

LMI is defined as no more than eighty percent of the area median income, adjusted for household size.

Information on area median income can be found at:

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Location of Projects

Projects assisted with Snohomish County CDBG funds must meet all zoning requirements of the jurisdiction in which the project is located. Typically, projects must be located in the County or in an incorporated city within the County, except Everett and Marysville. If a project is to be located in either city, the applicant must demonstrate that it serves County residents in the same proportion that County funds are represented in the overall project.

Public Facilities and Infrastructure

Federal Requirements

CDBG regulations require applicants to abide by specific funding regulations.  The following are some of the federal requirements for projects:
  • Davis Bacon Wage Requirements
  • Federal Procurement
  • Minority and Women Business Enterprise participation
  • Equal Oppurtunity
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.
  • National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)

Review and Decision Making Process

  1. Eligibility/Feasibility
  2. Review by Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
  3. Review by Policy Advisory Board (PAB)
  4. Final Decisions by the Snohomish County Council.

Types of Financial Assistance

Funds awarded to local governments will be in the form of grants. Funds awarded to private, nonprofit agencies will also be in the form of grants, but must be repaid if the property is sold or a change of use occurs prior to the contracted use requirement term.

For more Information

Please Contact:

Dee White, Human Services
Specialist II
Email Dee White

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