Superior Court

Invitation to the Public

Welcome to Snohomish County Superior Court. Most trials and hearings are open to the public. We encourage our citizens to become more familiar with their courts.

If you have questions regarding accessing additional information about court process and programs, please feel free to contact Court Administration.

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Snohomish County Superior Court Order Regarding Operations


Remote Appearances

Ability to appear remotely varies by case, hearing, and calendar type. Some calendars, and/or case types require you to ask the court prior to your hearing if you can appear remotely.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are appearing in the manner allowed for your hearing or trial.  Use the local court rules and administrative orders to determine the rules for your hearing and for more information about remote appearance. 

Presiding Civil Trial Calendar

Use the link below to access the Presiding Civil Trial Calendar remote appearance information for civil cases being assigned out by the presiding judge for trial, including assignment of Extreme Risk, Sexual Assault or Vulnerable Adult Protection Order matters, as well as motions to revise Civil Protection Orders or Civil Commitment orders. 

Judge Civil Motions 

Use the link below for remote appearance information for motions set on the Judge’s Civil Motions Calendar.

Criminal Hearing and Criminal Motions 

Use the link below to access remote appearance information for matters scheduled on the criminal hearings and criminal motions calendars. Check with your attorney to determine wh8ether you can appear remotely for these hearings.

Commissioner Department Calendars 

Use the link below to access remote appearance information for domestic motions, protection order hearings, commissioner civil motions, probate, guardianship and other commissioner calendars.

Juvenile Court Calendars

Use the link below to access remote appearance information for juvenile offender motions, dependency motions, ARY/CHINS/Truancy, and other matters.

Zoom Links

If you are allowed to appear remotely by statute, court rule, administrative order, court order or other court or administrative approval, please use the following links.  

IMPORTANT: Failing to appear in person when required may result in your hearing being stricken or continued, your case being dismissed, or other penalty or outcome ordered by the court.




Meeting ID


Presiding Civil Trial Calendar

Meeting Link

913 2627 2574


Judges Civil Motions

Meeting Link

936 6231 4277


Criminal Hearings/Arraignments

Meeting Link

939 8029 8667


Criminal Motions/Omnibus

Meeting Link

996 4146 5489


Commissioner Courtroom 1B

Meeting Link

569 104 5009


Commissioner Courtroom 1C

Meeting Link

307 878 5917


Commissioner Courtroom 1D

Meeting Link

753 915 9763


Commissioner Courtroom 1E

Meeting Link

221 411 0318


Commissioner Courtroom DJJC3

Meeting Link

643 690 6771


Juvenile Offender

Meeting Link

982 7825 5748



Meeting Link

982 8267 2821


Shelter Care

Meeting Link

953 3378 9315