Little Bear Creek Knotweed Assessment

In 2012, Snohomish County Surface Water Management (SWM) obtained a grant from the Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board to conduct knotweed assessments in the Little Bear Creek Watershed. The goal of this project is to detect and assess current populations of knotweed and implement early strategic treatments to slow its expansion.

Landowners within the Little Bear Creek Watershed have been asked to help identify existing locations of knotweed. If you are a landowner in this area and have knotweed on your property, please contact Scott Moore at 425-388-6462.

Additionally, County Noxious Weed Control Crews and SWM staff are scouting locations of knotweed on county-owned properties.

Combining these location reports, SWM will implement a comprehensive survey of invasive knotweed along Little Bear Creek and its tributary streams. This information will inform priority areas for initial control efforts. As knotweed patches are controlled, the area will be replanted with appropriate native trees and shrubs to help prevent reinfestation.

Partners in this project include: