Aerial Photos

Aerial Photo Map Prints
Aerial photos may be ordered through PDS Cartography / GIS Services.  Photos are printed at 18"x18". Prices are $12 for the first copy. Extra copies are $3 each. Credit cards are accepted. Order by calling, or you may visit us at the Planning and Development Services Customer Permitting Center.

Aerial Photo Print Options
  • Photo Year
    • 2012 color ortho-photo
    • 2011 color ortho-photo
    • 2009 color ortho-photo
    • 2007 color ortho-photo
  • 2002/2003 color ortho-photo
  • Parcel lines
  • Section lines
  • Snohomish County Stream and Wetlands Atlas (Limited Study Area)
  • National Wetlands Inventory (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Streams
  • Contour Lines (5 feet intervals)
  • Contour Lines (20 feet intervals)
  • Steep Slopes (33% or greater)
  • You may choose from these four scales
    • 1 inch = 400 feet (Section level, one square mile)
    • 1 inch = 200 feet (Quarter section level)
    • 1 inch = 100 feet
    • 1 inch = 50 feet
  • Sample Aerial Photo
Online Aerial Images
To directly access aerial photo images, go to the Permit, Planning, and Zoning Map web page.   Follow the instructions to locate the area of interest and click on the "Color Aerial Photo" map layer on the side bar.  To print a copy click on "Print Map", where a formatted map with legend and title will appear.
The aerial image (only) within the "Print Map" window can be saved as an image file by right clicking on the image and then selecting the "save picture as" option.

Digital Files
To order aerial photos in digital format, please contact the Department of Information Services GIS, phone 425-388-3349.

Historical Photos
To obtain copies or review older aerial photos, contact the Snohomish County Department of Public Works, phone 425-388-3488. You may also visit their customer service counter which is located on the second floor of the Robert J. Drewel Building.

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