Trial & Hearing Confirmations

Trial Confirmation

Snohomish County Local Civil Rule (SCLCR) 40 (c)(1) provides that civil trials must be confirmed no sooner than noon on the first court day of the week and no later than noon of the last court day of the week two weeks prior to the trial date.

To confirm a trial electronically, please use the electronic form (include your email address). Alternately, you may confirm a trial using the paper form (PDF).

If you have any problems with the trial confirmations, please contact the trial coordinator at 425-388-3421.

Hearing Confirmation

Snohomish County Local Court Rule 7 outlines the rules for confirming, striking or continuing a hearing. Motions for Summary Judgment set on the Judge’s Civil Motions calendar must be confirmed no later than 12:00 noon three (3) court days prior to the hearing; all other motions must be confirmed no later than 12:00 noon two (2) court days prior to the hearing. During the confirmation window, confirmations are accepted for a 24 hour period beginning at 12:01 p.m. When determining your confirmation deadline, do not count weekends or court holidays. If you fail to confirm your hearing, your motion will not be heard.

To confirm, strike, or continue a hearing, use the online confirmation form, or you may contact the confirmations office at 425-388-3587.

Frequently Asked Questions