All data sets are in .ZIP format. To open these files you'll need to have WinZip software installed on your computer. Free downloads are available online.

Comprehensive Plan Data

The following comprehensive plan data information includes shape files and metadata.

  • Future Land Use
  • Manufacturing/Industrial Overlay
  • Mineral Resources
  • Municipal Urban Growth Areas
  • Rural Urban Transition Area
  • Transfer of Development Rights (adopted sending and receiving)
  • Urban Growth Areas
  • Urban Low Density Areas


The zoning documents includes shape files and metadata.

  • Zoning lines and polygons

Other GIS Data

More GIS data can be found on the Snohomish County Map Portal GIS Data & Products page.


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Always look at the production of the data and be aware that real world conditions today may be different from real world conditions at the time of data collection and/or processing