Comprehensive Plan

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by Snohomish County in 2015. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a complete policy document that guides County decisions and services on a wide range of topics, including: land use, transportation, parks, housing, and capital facilities. Every eight years, Washington State's Growth Management Act requires that cities and counties update their Comprehensive Plans. Less extensive revisions are allowed through the docketing process and County-initiated amendment proposals in the years between the major update cycle.

The Comprehensive Plan consists of five parts:

  • The General Policy Plan consisting of goals and policies serves as a guide to the county’s growth and development from the present through 2035.
  • The Future Land Use Map (PDF) shows planned land uses and densities, urban growth area boundaries, and urban, rural, commercial agricultural and timber lands adequate for the expected population and employment growth through 2035. Zoning and development regulations implement these designations.
  • The Transportation Element describes the County’s transportation system and provides policy direction for the development of roads and other transportation to serve the needs of the projected 2035 population.
  • The Capital Facilities Plan (PDF) contains an inventory of the county’s public facilities, establishes level of service standards necessary to support development, and prioritizes facilities needed to support the projected 2035 population.
  • The Park and Recreation Element contains inventories and an action plan for providing park services through 2035.

Outside of the major update cycle, the Comprehensive Plan is often amended annually to address specific issues identified by the County and public. Information on current and past proposals can be obtained from the Docket and County-Initiated Amendments section.