Tax Lien Foreclosures

The Snohomish County Treasurer conducts an ONCE A YEAR Tax Lien Foreclosure Auction, pursuant to RCW CHAPTER 84.64. This annual sale of property includes parcels with taxes that are 3 full years old and delinquent (meaning if the full year 2017 and/or any prior years are unpaid as of June 2020) and is held online at 

2020 Snohomish County Tax Foreclosure Auction date is tentatively set for December 2, 2020-held on as an electronic sale. The properties that are still at risk of tax sale-with information about them, minimum bid amounts, and the Terms of the Sale and how to register will be available around Friday Nov 6, 2020.

The 2020 Certificate of Delinquency and Exhibit A was filed in Superior Court on 6/9/2020-case # 20-2-03194-31, and is available on the ‘Request for Foreclosure Information’ page. Note- the Treasurer office does not have any other ‘list’ of properties in our Tax Foreclosure. That is the only ‘list’ available.

Public record requests for ‘Foreclosure Lists’ or ‘Foreclosure Information’-prior or current year-please see the ‘Request for Foreclosure Information’ page.

Homeowners with property IN TAX FORECLOSURE and prospective BUYERS OF TAX PROPERTIES: please see the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

Note: Property that is foreclosed by banks, mortgage companies and other lenders is often sold at ‘Trustee’s Sale’ or ‘Sheriff Sale’ ON THE SNOHOMISH COUNTY COURTHOUSE STEPS ON FRIDAYS. The Treasurer office does NOT have information on those lending agency foreclosures. You may search the Snohomish County Auditor/Recorded Documents for a “Notice of Trustee Sale” and contact the Trustee (the business doing the Foreclosure sale) for information about their sales. For questions regarding the surplus funds generated by these sales, contact the Clerk of the Snohomish County Superior Court at 425 388-3466 (Trustee Sale) or the Sheriff Civil Unit at 425 388-3522 (Sheriff Levy Sale).