Tax Lien Foreclosures

The Snohomish County Treasurer conducts an annual Tax Lien Foreclosure Sale, pursuant to RCW CHAPTER 84.64. Our 2018 once-a-year sale of property sold for 3rd year delinquent property taxes (that is the 2015 full year taxes being delinquent) is held the first part of December each year. is an internet web site that sells Tax Foreclosure and other properties and is contracted to host the 2018 Snohomish County WA Tax Lien Foreclosure sale on December 5, 2018. NOTE - there will be a re-offer of properties not sold on December 5, 2018. The re-offer will be on on December 12, 2018 and if necessary an additional re-offer on December 19, 2018. Please view their web site and become familiar with their processes, as it is a very different process to purchase tax foreclosure properties than the public auctions Snohomish County has held in the past. Snohomish County parcels that are subject to Tax Foreclosure will be posted at on November 2, 2018, along with property information and Terms of Sale.The only other ‘list’ that is available is the Publication of the Tax Lien Foreclosure, which is available HERE, without a Public Record Request. Note-the Publication list was the property list AS OF OCTOBER 12, 2018-any parcel may be redeemed (saved) from the Tax Foreclosure ‘list’ by the current owner paying the taxes as listed below, AT ANY TIME BETWEEN NOW AND DEC 4, 2018, and these changes will NOT show on this Publication list.

(NOTE-the “view Archive” and county “Search” links and any other property list on our website are NOT CURRENT LISTINGS-they are prior years.

For taxpayers/Record Owners/Parties with a recorded interest in a property in Tax Lien Foreclosure: Payment must be for the full amount due for all years taxes, interest, penalty and administrative/foreclosure costs, and any assessments that are foreclosable. Payment must be CASH or CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY. NO personal or business checks, NO on-line payments, and NO credit or debit cards payments will be accepted, and no payments plans are available. If you are paying on behalf of a taxpayer/owner whose property is in Tax Lien Foreclosure, state law requires that you provide notarized documentation of the agency relationship. Please contact the Treasurer office for more information. BEFORE MAKING PAYMENT you MUST contact the Treasurer Foreclosure Department at 425 388-3606 to verify the full amount due.  People who do not have a legal, recorded interest in the property CANNOT pay the taxes and have ownership of the property.

The prior years 2017 Tax Lien Foreclosure Sale (Superior Court cause #17-2-05602-31 was held December 6, 2017. A list of the 2017 SOLD PROPERTIES is available HERE, without a Public Record Request.

Note: Property that is foreclosed by banks, mortgage companies and other lenders is often sold at ‘Trustee’s Sale’ on the courthouse steps on FRIDAYS. The Treasurer office does NOT have information on those lending agency foreclosures.