Diking, Drainage, and Flood Control District Candidate Filing December 9-13

Find more information and open positions here.

February 11 Special Election

Deadline for districts to submit a resolution is December 13.

November 5 General Election

Three races in the General Election were within recount range. Find the recount schedule here.

Important Dates:

December 9 - Recount begins

December 13 – Canvassing Board meeting 1 p.m. (certification of recount)

Canvassing Board meetings are held in the Auditor's office located on the first floor of the Administration West Building on the County Campus at 3000 Rockefeller Avenue in Everett.

Official Election Results

Summary Results  PDF

Precinct Results  PDF

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Canvass Board Informational Report
State Reconciliation Form
General Audit Summary

Additional General Election Information

Provisional Ballot Disposition Inquiry

Has my ballot been received? (external link)
Local Voters' Pamphlet (PDF)

State Voters' Pamphlet (PDF) - State Measures & Judicial Candidates

Sample Ballot (PDF)

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