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  1. New Senior Exemption Information
    The Senior Exemption limits for 2024 have increased to a maximum limit of $75,000.00 in disposable income. If you think you may qualify, please click on the link below to read about the qualifications. If you have already submitted an application and want to view its status, click on the status tool link below. For additional information, please call 425-388-3540 or e-mail 

     Link to application and brochure
     Link to status tool 

While the Assessor sets the value for taxable property, the taxing district’s budgets and voter approved measures determine your taxes. The amount of your property tax bill is based upon the costs of your state and local government and voter approved levies. This includes the operating costs of your schools, city, county, and taxing districts such as hospital, fire, and sewer districts. The assessed value of your property is multiplied by the tax rate necessary in your levy area to produce your fair share of the total levied tax by these jurisdictions. The Treasurer calculates the taxes due and sends out the tax notices using the taxing district information.

The Assessor and the Treasurer use the same software to record the value and the taxes due. Use the search tool above to locate your property summary or pay your taxes online.

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