Register and Vote Under Special Circumstances

Snohomish County Elections offers assistance and resources for voters and potential voters who face barriers which make voting more difficult. Military and overseas voters, unhoused voters, voters with nontraditional addresses, voters previously convicted of a felony, and voters with disabilities can find more information below. 

If you have further questions about your eligibility to vote or ability to cast a ballot, please contact Elections.

Military or Overseas Voters

Voters on active military duty and/or living out of the country are eligible to have ballots sent to them 45 days prior to every primary and general election and 30 days prior to every special election. Snohomish County Elections can mail a physical ballot or email a link for downloading and printing a ballot.

To sign up for early ballot delivery by changing your military or overseas status, visit

After entering your name and birthdate, select the “Update my name or address” button. This will take you to the Washington State Online Voter Registration form. While this will feel like you are re-registering, the information you provide will be used to update your existing registration including your military and overseas status.

If you have questions or run into issues navigating the process online, please contact us at or 425-388-3444.

Not registered yet?   Visit the Federal Voting Assistance program ( to complete a Federal Post Card Application or to complete a Federal Write-in Absentee.

Learn more about voting as a military or overseas voter (Secretary of State website)

Unhoused Voters and Voters with Nontraditional Addresses

Voters without traditional addresses can register using any identifiable location that they consider their residence. Ballots can be received at PO boxes, shelters, the address of a friend or relative, or via general delivery. You may also vote in person at a voting center.

You don't need a traditional address to vote (PDF)

Voters Previously Convicted of a Felony

If you were convicted of a felony in a Washington State court, your right to vote is restored automatically once you are no longer incarcerated or otherwise under the authority of DOC for that felony (in prison or on community custody). Effective January 1st, 2022, your right to vote will be restored automatically as long as you are not currently serving a DOC sentence in total confinement.

Once your right to vote is restored, you must register to vote if you want to vote. If you were previously registered to vote, you must re-register to vote. 

Learn more about felony convictions and voting rights (Secretary of State website)


Voters with Disabilities

All voters have the opportunity to independently vote a private and secure ballot. To request reasonable accommodation, assistance, or more information, contact Elections at 425-388-3444, Washington Relay 1-800-833-6388, 7-1-1 (TTY/TDD), or by email.


Accessible Voting Units

Accessible Voting Units (AVUs) are available for voters who cannot cast a private, independent ballot by mail. AVUs are touch screen voting devices that feature large font, audio and tactile options to assist voters in casting their choices. 

Find an Accessible Voting and Same-Day Registration Location 


Online Ballots

In addition to the availability of Accessible Voting Units, Snohomish County provides an online, markable ballot through the Washington Secretary of State’s VoteWA application. To access the online, markable ballot, visit the VoteWA website.

Accessible Voting Advisory Committee

2023 Meeting

March 30 2-3 p.m.

Click for registration QR code (PDF)

The Accessibility Advisory Committee meets at least once per year to provide recommendations on the voting processes for voters with disabilities. Improving the Accessibility of Elections for Voters with Disabilities (PDF) is updated regularly with input from the committee. If you would like to join the Accessibility Advisory Committee, please contact Elections.

Learn more about accessible voting (Secretary of State website)