Payment of parcels in foreclosure cannot be made via website. Cash, cashier check, and money order are the only acceptable form of payment. For more information, call the Foreclosure Department at 425-388-3606.

Accepted Methods

Credit cards that are accepted include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Electronic Checks (eChecks) accepted from all checking accounts. Pay online Now

Storing of Information

The only personal information the county keeps is the payer’s name and parcel paying. The e-check and credit card information that is entered when making a payment is passed directly to the bank when the authorization takes place and is not stored by the county.


The credit card processor charges a fee that is a percentage of the tax. This is true regardless of the amount paid (large or small) or how many payments are made. The fee has to be accepted to pay by credit card.

For any Bank Returned items you will be charged a $35.00 processing fee.


Washington state statute, RCW 36.29.190, states that the costs of using credit cards, charge cards, or other electronic transaction must be borne by the payer. The fee is paid to a third party, not the county, to process the credit card payment.


RCW 84.56.020 mandates that only current year first half tax is payable on or before April 30 of current year. Current year first half taxes, interest, and penalties are due after April 30 and full current year taxes, interest, and penalties are due after October 31 of current year. All prior year delinquencies are due in full.

Property Account Updates

The county will post the payment to your account on the third business day following payment.

Help with Online Payments

To get help with online payments, either email the treasurer with your question or call customer service at 425-388-3366.

Other Places to Pay with Credit Cards

We are now accepting credit card payments in-house, along with online.

Web Payments Agreement

I have read the above and would like to pay online.

Other Web Payment Options

Paystation: is the service provider for the Snohomish County EBPP ( Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment System)

  • Pay by eCheck or Credit Card
  • New Functionality for 2016- SEE YOUR TAX STATEMENT ONLINE!
  • Sign up for PAPERLESS BILLING for future tax statements!
  • Pay the county now Paystation Website
    • View your online tax statement
    • Make one time payments eCheck or credit card
    • Credit Card brands include Visa, MasterCard, and Discover
    • Store your credit card and/or eCheck for future use
    • Consolidate multiple tax parcels into one easy view
    • Make payment on multiple tax parcels with one easy payment
  • Paystation® will charge a convenience fee for this option. Read all prompts carefully before agreeing to the charge. Payment may take up to 5 business days to post to your property account.