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Snohomish County has the opportunity to implement strategies at a regional scale that represent a contemporary and innovative approach to developing a future-facing sustainable tourism industry. An analysis of past and future tourism industry trends highlights the need to be adaptive and responsive to changing trends. The global and domestic traveler is evolving and will be more discerning and selective.



Naming our county tourism initiative Seattle NorthCountry provides an immediate idea of geographic location and sense of outdoor recreation without being limited to it. It also addresses the challenge of trying to attract people to an entire county and instead creates a region that visitors can connect with.


Restore & Reward

We will tell a lot of stories about Snohomish County, but our central message will be built around Restore and Reward, This message is internal facing.


Located just 15 miles north of Seattle and stretching from the shores of the Salish Sea to the peaks of the Cascade Range, Seattle NorthCountry is characterized by its abundance and variety of outdoor recreation, urbanscapes and rural vistas befitting its "True PNW" designation. Seattle NorthCountry comprises four primary regions of Snohomish County: Urban Basecamp, Salish Sea Coastal Communities, Skykomish & Snohomish River Valleys, and Stillaguamish & Sauk River Valleys. An unofficial fifth region, the Paine Field Aviation District, pays tribute to the aviation industry’s profound impact on Snohomish County. Under the direction of the Snohomish County Parks Recreation & Tourism Department, and in conjunction with the Snohomish County Destination Alliance, Seattle NorthCountry develops, curates, and delivers a year-round visitor experience that appeals to leisure, business and group travelers, while working closely with our Native American tribal partners to preserve, protect, and be sound stewards of the ancestral homeland of the Coast Salish people. For more information visit



Our research uncovered four attribute categories that we believe make Snohomish County attractive to visitors.



Snohomish County is strikingly beautiful. As residents, sometimes we need to be reminded of its grandeur, but through the eyes of a visitor, it is immediately stunning. From fishing to rock climbing to sailing or just taking a long walk in the woods—research is clear that everyone benefits physically, emotionally, and mentally from time spent outdoors. As population growth continue to become more concentrated in urban areas and anxiety and depression impact our culture, access to the outdoors will continue to be sought after.



Not many competing outdoor recreation destinations offer the quality of food, beverage, entertainment, and attractions that we do. Where else can you spend the day hiking to an alpine lake with local, farm-fresh cheese in tow, and then see a Broadway-quality musical the same evening? Or visit a super-affordable Korean Spa or Russian Bath House after a day of snowboarding?



Snohomish County’s best-kept secret is its impressive high-quality goods and experiences that are easier to access, less crowded and more affordable than similar experiences in the city. The proximity of the outdoors to these accessible luxury experiences is a strong combination.



The Pacific Northwest is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. As a county, we can build on this popularity because we offer the full PNW experience—from the outdoors to coffee shops and beer, ferries, farmers markets, mountains, historic downtowns, beach towns, islands, and sightseeing like no other. Everything a visitor wants from a Pacific Northwest vacation can be accessed easily from Snohomish County. And we take pride in our proximity to the remarkable city of Seattle.