Get Information

  1. Anonymous Tips

    Learn more about providing tips about crimes or accidents anonymously.

  2. Sheriff Public Records

    Learn how to obtain copies of reports.

  3. Calling 911

    Information about when and how to call 911, the difference between an "emergency" and "non-emergency", links to filing an on-line crime report, reporting traffic complaints, and more.

  4. Community Crime Map

    Discover a way to track criminal activity in the jurisdictions under the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

  5. Crime Statistics & Reports

    Statistical crime data compiled by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.

  6. Evidence Control

    Learn about the Evidence Control Team of Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

  7. False Alarms

    Learn how the Sheriff's Office assess false alarm fines for homes and businesses in Snohomish County.

  8. File an Online Crime Report

    File an online crime report

  9. Forms, Reports & Applications

    Browse through available forms provided by the Sheriff's Office.

  10. Identity Theft

    Gather information about identity theft, and submit a report if you think your identity was stolen.

  11. Investigations

    Information about the types of Sheriff's Office investigative units.

  12. News & Media Relations

    Review the press releases that are sent to the public through the Sheriff's Office.

  13. Junk Vehicles

    Read about the Junk Vehicle Program offered in the community.

  14. Maps

    Discover the precinct and district maps that are available.

  15. Meet Your Sheriff

    Information about the Snohomish County Sheriff and how to sign up for regular messages from the sheriff.

  16. Recreational Shooting

    Recreational shooting guidelines for Snohomish County, including US Forest Service lands, Wilderness Areas, private property and unincorporated, non-Federal lands.

  17. Precincts & Partner Cities

    Find information about the different precincts within the county.

  18. Safety Tips & Resources

    Safety tips and resources from the Sheriff's Office, including hiking, fireworks and swimming.

  19. Contact Us

    Contact information for precincts, contract cities, personnel and various services offered by the Sheriff's Office