SR 530 Slide: Permit & Building Information

 A large mudslide occurred on March 22, 2014, blocking SR 530 and the north fork of the Stillaguamish River. To address the numerous media and public records request related to the slide, PDS is providing maps, data, and information to respond to frequently asked questions related to development activity within the slide area. Although every attempt has been made to ensure this information is accurate, it is subject to change and verification as new information becomes available.  

Timeline of Snohomish County Planning and Development Activity in SR 530 Slide Area

 1960: Steelhead Haven Plat recorded

 1940s - 1995: Ten homes built in Steelhead Haven; Ten homes built outside of Steelhead Haven, but within affected (SR 530) slide area (Green_SFR)

 1996: First Growth Management Act Critical Areas Regulations (CAR) adopted

 1996 - 2005: Five homes built in Steelhead Haven; Six homes built outside of Steelhead Haven but within affected (SR 530) slide area (Green_SFR)

 Jan 25, 2006: Oso Slide occurred. No homes damaged; Closest existing home to slide was approximately 400 feet

 2006 - 2007: Four homes built in Steelhead Haven; Two homes built outside of Steelhead Haven, but within affected (SR 530) slide area


Oct 2007: Critical Areas Regulations updated

2008 - 2014: One mobile home replacement in Steelhead Haven (SFR_2013)

Permitting and Code Documents Relevant to Slide Area

To address the numerous media and public records requests, PDS staff has researched and produced permitting records associated with the known damaged and destroyed structures. To access this information, please visit our SR 530 Slide Document Library.

(content added 7/28/14)

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For additional questions that pertain to building permits, land use code, or any other development regulations within the SR 530 Slide area, please contact PDS staff via our 530 Slide Contact Form. PDS staff will either answer your questions directly, or update our web page accordingly.

Map of Affected Lots Low Resolution

Key Facts

  • The County is not aware of any homes that were directly damaged by the 2006 Oso landslide.
  • Permits for seven new homes were issued by PDS following the 2006 Oso landslide. None of those new homes were constructed within the 2006 Oso landslide area. The new homes were located between 800 feet and 2,300 feet from the toe of the slope.
  • The river channel on the above map reflects the post-2006 Oso landslide location.
  • Homes were built or permitted in the area affected by the SR 530 Slide between 1940 and 2012. The majority of homes pre-dated the 2006 Oso landslide. An initial review of aerial photos and building permit records indicates that all homes that were issued building permits complied with the regulations and building codes in effect at the time they were constructed.
  • Snohomish County's land use regulations, adopted pursuant to the State Growth Management Act (GMA) and most recently updated in 2007 consistent with the Act's "Best Available Science" mandate, require that development permit applications comply with Geologically Hazardous Areas provisions found in Chapter 30.62B of the Snohomish County Code (SCC).

Disclaimer: This information is not to be considered an official citation to, or representation of, the Snohomish County Code. Snohomish County makes no representation or warranty concerning the content, accuracy, currency, completeness or quality of this information and expressly disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. All persons accessing or otherwise using this information assume all responsibility for the use thereof and agree to hold Snohomish County harmless from and against any damages, loss, claim, or liability arising out of any error, defect, or omission contained within said information.