Request for Vehicle and Vessel License Subagency Business Proposal for Edmonds Area

The Snohomish County Auditor’s Office is conducting an open competitive bidding process to replace a vehicle and vessel licensing subagency in Edmonds. 

Please see the Application Packet (PDF) for details about subagency appointment and the bidding process.

A Q&A session was held on September 15 for interested bidders. The questions and answers discussed during the meeting can be found here.

Affirmative Action statement: The Department of Licensing provides Equal Opportunity when appointing subagents. We encourage all qualified persons to apply, including members of protected groups under applicable state and federal law.

Snohomish County Licensing, in partnership with Washington State Department of Licensing, licenses vehicles and vessels. Licensing services are available directly from Snohomish County Licensing as well as contracted vehicle licensing offices conveniently located throughout the county.

Snohomish County Licensing also issues county business licenses for certain types of businesses.

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