Waste Acceptance

Not Accepted at County Facilities

The following wastes are not accepted for disposal or recycling at County facilities:

  • Asbestos and Material Containing Asbestos: For disposal alternatives, call 800-552-3565 or visit Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.
  • Canisters and Tanks: Pressurized canisters and tanks, including oxygen and welding fuel tanks, are not accepted at any county facility. Call your local scrap metal or compressed gas dealer for recycling options.
  • Contaminated Soils that Designate as a Hazardous Waste: Must be disposed of in accordance with Snohomish County Health District regulations.
  • Electronics: Computer monitors, televisions, computers, cell phones, separated circuit boards, and any other device with cathode ray tubes are not accepted as garbage or for recycling at county facilities. Call 800-RECYCLE or visit the Department of Ecology interactive website for locations.
  • Household Hazardous Waste and Business Generated Hazardous Waste: These items are accepted only at the Snohomish County Hazardous Waste Drop Off Station
  • Industrial Ash: Not accepted at county facilities.
  • Liquid Waste: No liquid waste accepted at Transfer Stations and NRDCs. Contact the Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Station for possible disposal options.
  • Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Dehumidifiers: Federal regulations require special processing of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). For more information, view the county brochure.
  • Rodent-Infested Loads: It is county policy to notify the Snohomish Health District of any rodent-infested loads that arrive at county facilities.
  • Septage or Septic Tank Waste: Contact your local water or sewer district.
  • Sharps, Radioactive, and All Bio-Hazardous Waste (Includes Veterinary Waste): For alternative disposal options contact the Snohomish Health District, 425-339-5250, or the Solid Waste Division, 425-388-3425, press 0.
  • Wastes Identified in SCC 7.41.050: View SCC 7.41.050 in the county code for types of wastes that are unacceptable.

Special Preparation Items

The following wastes require special preparation and/or require Snohomish Health District clearance (where indicated).

At the North County Recycling and Transfer Station and all Neighborhood Recycling and Disposal Centers (NRDCs), all items must be less than six feet long or smaller than 25 square feet in area, except yard debris, household sofas, appliances, mattresses, doors, carpets, and rugs.

  • Ash: Must be cold and double-bagged. Ash in barrels must be inspected by facility staff prior to disposal. Industrial ash is not accepted.
  • Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Dirt, Sod, Sand, Gravel, and Rocks: Up to one full wheelbarrow accepted at NRDCs. Larger quantities accepted at transfer stations. For recycling options, visit the Department of Ecology website.
  • Canopies: Accepted as garbage. Metal canopies recyclable in the scrap metal bin only if flattened.
  • Contaminated Soils Not Designated as a Hazardous Waste: Requires prior clearance from the Snohomish Health District, call 425-339-5250.
  • Dead Animals: 10 pound maximum. Double-bag in plastic and tie tightly.
  • Fecal Matter: Pet manure only; human feces not accepted. 10 pound maximum. Double-bag in plastic and tie tightly.
  • Grease-Trap Solids: Solids only, 10 pounds or less. Double-bag in plastic and tie tightly.
  • Latex Paint: No liquid paint allowed. Open, dried out cans accepted.
  • Metal Containers: To recycle in scrap metal at no fee, containers must be clean, empty (dry), and open to allow full inspection of the interior. Containers that held flammable liquids are not accepted.
  • Sewer Treatment Plant Screenings and Grit: Requires Snohomish Health District clearance, call 425-339-5250.
  • Tires: Limit five tires per load. Passenger car and pick up truck size only. Call 425-388-3425, press “0” for disposal options of larger loads.
  • Yard Debris / Clean Wood Debris Recycling: Lumber or yard debris only. No painted or treated wood. No plastic bags. Stumps accepted if moveable without staff assistance. 10-foot length limit at the North County Recycling and Transfer Station. Recyclable at transfer stations only: $45 per ton, $11 minimum, up to 500 lbs. Garbage rates apply at NRDCs.