Solar Energy Generation

Snohomish County is generating clean, renewable energy! In June of 2010, the County installed a 16.4kw photovoltaic (solar) system on the roof of the Administration building in Everett. This project was one of 13 different energy conservation projects made possible through Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funding from the Department of Energy.

On average, the system produces just over 17,000 kilowatt hours (kwh) of energy each year - that's enough energy to power about 1.5 homes. Since installed, the system has produced over 69,000 kwh of energy and over its lifetime will generate 70 Megawatt hours (MWh) of energy - enough to power 6 homes each year.

Check out the solar energy dashboard below which automatically runs through a series of the six slides that provide information about how the system works and how much energy is being generated in real time.

Solar energy is generated by using the sun as a fuel source to generate electricity. Solar panel systems are an environmentally friendly way to produce energy, as they don't require the burning of fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas. Solar panels are also a renewable form of energy because using the sun's energy does not deplete any natural resources and will never run out. To learn more about solar energy, visit this link on the EPA's website.