Sustainable Successes

Snohomish County government continues to make strides conserving county resources and adopting best practices, below are some of the Sustainable Successes that Snohomish County government has achieved in recent years.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy

Snohomish County passed an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy in 2013 to establish rules for considering environmental criteria in determining which goods and services it will purchase to meet County needs. In many cases, the "greener" option can also help the County better meet its short and long term financial goals as well. Click here to read the Environmental Preferable Purchasing Purchasing and Product Utilization Policy (EPP). Click here to check out the County's Green Product Resource Guide. The County hosted a regional workshop for government and business organizations interested in Green Purchasing to share best practices- click here to access program materials.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)

Snohomish County received a $4.8 million EECBG grant from the federal Department of Energy in 2009. The county completed 13 different energy efficiency projects under the grant, and seeded programs (like the Energy Smart Loan program) that are still currently operating. Click here to read more about the projects.

Electric Vehicle Fleet

Snohomish County leveraged EECBG funds to purchase five new Nissan Leaf electric vehicles, and install 24 electric vehicle charging stations in parking lots across several different county facilities. The electric vehicle charging stations at the County Administration complex even receives solar power from panels mounted on the adjacent Administration building to help power the cars. Click here to read more about the County's electric vehicle fleet.

Solar Panel Installations

Snohomish County operates two separate solar panel arrays, with it's largest installed on the County's main campus in downtown Everett. That installation features nearly 100 solar panels that are designed to produce roughly 16,000 kwh of power annually. At the time of its installation, the solar panel array on the County's main campus was one of the largest installations in Snohomish County. Click here to read more about the County's solar panels, and view a real-time projection of it's production.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

In 2014, the Parks & Recreation Department worked with the Office of Energy & Sustainability to increase landfill diversion and conserve Parks resources by launching the Pack It In, Pack It Out campaign. The campaign asks for visitors help in reducing waste and litter at parks by packing out what they can and by bringing other wastes to centralized containers. To read more about how the campaign expects to save money and divert waste from the landfill, click here.