Plans, Policies, & Reports

Snohomish County is making government operations more environmentally and economically sustainable. Through a combination of policy development, adjustments to existing programs and processes, and projects that produce results, the County is working across departments and agencies to implement change.


Sustainability Plans & Policies

The Sustainable Operations Action Plan (SOAP)
is a 5-year plan to conserve resources and adopt best practices that protect our shared environment.
 Click here to read the SOAP Plan and to learn more about how Snohomish County is measuring success as we work to achieve the seven SOAP goals.

Glacier Peak

The Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPP) establishes criteria and guidelines to incorporate environmental considerations into the County's purchasing process. To read Snohomish County's EPP policy, click here. Snohomish County created the Green Product Resource Guide as a tool to help employees comply with the EPP policy. To view the Green Product Resource Guide, visit this link.

Sustainability Reports

The 2014 SOAP Progress Update gives a brief summary of what the County has accomplished in the past two years towards achieving the goals in our Sustainable Operations Action Plan. Visit this link to read the report.

The 2013 Water Benchmark Report provides a detailed analysis of the County's progress towards achieving the water conservation goals outlined in the SOAP. Click on this link to read this report.

The County's 2010 Sustainability Update, an overview of past sustainability efforts and accomplishments, can be read by clicking on this link.

To read Snohomish County's 2009 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Report, visit this link.

Snohomish County's 2008 Green Ribbon Climate Task Force Recommendations can be found by visiting this link.

Executive Order 13-48A

Executive Order 13-48A  renews the County's commitment to achieving a 20% reduction greenhouse gas emissions from County operations by the year 2020, as compared to the year 2000 baseline emissions. This Executive Order also requires Snohomish County Departments and Offices to provide their full assistance and support the new Sustainable Operations Action Plan and environmental initiative.