SOAP Action Updates

Snohomish County is working hard to make its operations more environmentally and economically sustainable, and the 5-year SOAP plan lays the groundwork for a County-wide effort throughout operations.

SOAP Action Updates are success stories of projects that the County has implemented that are helping to better steward our shared environment. Each Action Update is organized by the part of the Sustainable Operations Action Plan (SOAP) that the project impacts. Check back soon, because more SOAP Action Updates are in progress!

Goal 1: Implement Green Building Practices and Use Green materials

Goal 2: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Goal 3: Conserve Resources and Use Renewable Energy Technologies

McCollum Park LED Lighting Retrofit

Water Conservation Retrofits at the Jail

Goal 4: Reduce, Recycle, and Repurpose Waste

Food Waste Composting at the Jail

Zero Waste Fairgrounds at the Evergreen State Fair

Pack It In, Pack It Out at Snohomish County Parks

Recycling Road Construction Materials

Goal 5: Implement Green-Purchasing Practices

Goal 6: Promote Ecological Preservation and Healthy Ecosystems

Goal 7: Lead By Example

More Information on SOAP Plan progress

Click here to view a June 24, 2014 presentation on recent sustainability accomplishments and efforts underway.