License Your Kennel or Animal Business

A Snohomish County kennel/animal business license is required whenever four or more dogs are owned, kept, or maintained on the premises of any person.

License Types

Snohomish County issues the following kennel/animal business licenses:

  • Animal Shelter: A facility that accepts from the public impounded, stray, homeless, abandoned, or unwanted animals for temporary housing for a period of time not to exceed six months.
  • Commercial Kennel - Boarding: A place where more than one animal is kept by contractual arrangement with the owner, whether for compensation or not, for any purpose other than medical treatment, breeding, or permanent disposal.
  • Commercial Kennel - Non-boarding: A place where the owner or occupant of the property keeps at least four and not more than 25 total dogs, including puppies.
  • Grooming Parlor: Any establishment, public or private, where animals are bathed, clipped, or combed for compensation.
  • Pet Shop: Any person or establishment that acquires, holds, or offers animals not bred and whelped from the facility for the purpose of sale or resale to the public.
  • Private Kennel - Breeding: A private residence where at least four, but not more than 10 adult dogs of which one has not been neutered or spayed are owned, kept, or maintained.
  • Private Kennel - Non-breeding: A private residence where at least four, but not more than 10 adult dogs of which all have been neutered or spayed are owned, kept, or maintained.
  • Combination: Commercial kennel with grooming parlor.

Required Documents

To obtain a license, you must submit the following information:

  • A completed Snohomish County Kennel / Animal Business License Application (PDF)
  • A completed Pet License Application (PDF) for each dog (for private kennels only)
  • Proof of spay/neuter and/or microchip (if applicable) (for private kennels only)
  • A drawing of the property including the lot dimensions, the size and location of the kennel runs and/or animal housing in relation to building and property line(s) including setbacks, street names, and cross streets
  • Legal description of the property including property tax account number
  • The correct fee
  • Corporations must submit the name, home address, and telephone number of each of its officers, directors, and shareholders and the number of shares held by each if there are fewer than 10 shareholders

Additional Requirements

Commercial boarding kennel and animal shelter license applicants must also submit proof of general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 as required by SCC 6.01.190. The policy must show Snohomish County as the certificate holder.