2015 Internship Testimonials

Abbie Lorensen

Design Engineering Intern, Summer 2015

The most valuable thing I have learned this summer isn’t something that I can put down on a resume. I learned that this is the type of work I want to do and that I can do it. This internship has convinced me of that and has given me the experience to put on my resume so that I can convince others when I am applying for jobs.

Steven Nwaokolo

Airport Operations Intern, Summer 2015

This internship give me an edge upon graduation and getting into the industry, I already have the basic knowledge on the environment and how it works and would easily fit in.

Mekal Banyasz

Trade & Economic Development Intern, Summer 2015

My experience as an intern for Snohomish County has redefined my image of public service. So much effort and collaboration occurs on a regular basis to bolster and support communities across the county for successful futures. It is both impressive and inspiring. I will most certainly draw from this experience as I make my way through my career, whether in the public sector or the private sector.

James Kussy

Airport Engineering Intern, Summer 2015

Having this internship helped me network with the job field I am about to enter as well as provide me with insight on how it is this career path functions.

Senait Gebreeyesus

Lakes Water Quality Intern, Summer 2015

My internship engagement has motivated me to seek challenging opportunities in industries concerning water quality.


Ryan Deem

Drainage and Engineering Intern, Summer 2015

Interning with the county has been such a valuable, gratifying experience. As I shift my focus back to school, I can apply real-world concepts developed at the county to the academic side of engineering. My development of technical skills and deepened understanding of real-word engineering have also prepared me for the eventual transition to the work environment.

Nancy Tahl

Applications Developer Intern, Summer 2015

Completing the internship has better prepared me to enter the workforce with an understanding of how to be successful in a collaborative environment.

Daniel Farmer

Trade & Economic Development Intern, Spring 2015

During my time at Snohomish County I was exposed to a wide array of activities that enhanced my classroom learning and informed me about possible future career paths. In addition the program significantly expanded my professional network and helped me gain contacts that will be useful when I graduate. I was able to refine my writing, research and speaking skills in a demonstrable way that I believe will be invaluable in my future job search. Both my supervisor and the internship coordinator were very hands on throughout the program and worked with me to develop practical skills that would supplement my theoretical knowledge.

Danielle Verwahren

Agriculture Economic Development Intern, Spring 2015

This was such an incredible internship because it develops such an acute appreciation for agricultural economic development while providing exposure to diverse stakeholders, government employees, and elected officials. It was an especially good primer on the characteristics of local government in Washington for an out-of-state student.

Justin Wilson

Airport Engineering Intern, Spring 2015

My intern experience was very educational. I learned something new every day. I have a better understanding of what it takes to be an engineer and learned even more than I had hoped to gain.

Casey Shepard

Energy & Sustainability Intern, Winter 2015

This internship is beyond valuable for my future career path in sustainability and business. I now have the knowledge and experience that future employers are looking for in my career path.