Brightwater Mitigation Program


In December 2003, the King County Executive made a decision on the location for the Brightwater Treatment System. This included a wastewater treatment plant at the Route 9 site in unincorporated Snohomish County, a conveyance pipeline along Northeast 195th Street and the King/Snohomish County line, and an outfall in Puget Sound off Point Wells. Treatment plant operations began in September 2011. The conveyance system and outfall began full operations in fall 2012.

The following documents establish the relationship between King and Snohomish Counties for permitting and construction of the plant.

Brightwater Documents

In accordance with the Settlement Agreement, Snohomish County is responsible for constructing community mitigation projects on the Mitigation Project List.

Mitigation Project List

  • Public safety:
    • Pedestrian and bike facilities:
      • 45th Ave SE - 240th to 212th (north and south of 228th)
      • 49th Ave SE - 236th to 228th
      • 53rd Ave SE - 233rd to 228th (not constructed at neighborhood request)
      • 57th Ave SE - 236th to 228th
      • 228th St SE - 39th to SR 9 (and bike lanes)
    • Broadway, SR 524 - 164th St SE (paved shoulders)
    • North Creek Trail: Bothell to Mill Creek (North Creek Park to Filbert Road)
    • Snohomish-Woodinville Road (3-lane widening)
  • Habitat mitigation:
    • Little Bear Creek Headwater Forest Preservation
    • Cutthroat Creek Headwaters Preservation
    • Middle Little Bear Fens Preservation
    • Little Bear Creek Fish Passage - fish barrier pipe/culvert replaced under road
  • Recreation: