140th St NE between 23rd Ave NE and 34th Ave NE

August 2018 Update
This project is currently at 30 percent design and is on hold. Snohomish County is seeking funding sources for the project.

Snohomish County Public Works is planning to improve 140th Street NE between 23rd Avenue NE and 34th Avenue NE to current standards.

Construction for this proposed project currently includes the following improvements:

  • A roundabout at the intersection of 140th Street NE and 23rd Avenue NE
  • Widening of 140th Street NE to include a two-way left turn lane and wider shoulders throughout the corridor
  • Replacement of Bridge 582 over the West Fork Quilceda Creek
  • Possibly realigning and enhancing a portion of the stream that flows south along 23rd Avenue NE and east on the north side of 140th Street NE
  • Replacement of the culvert just west of 29th Avenue NE with a fish passable culvert and possibly enhancing a portion of the stream downstream of the culvert
  • Construction of a new storm water facility


2014: Survey to identify public right-of-way boundary and locations of wetlands and streams and begin design

2016 - 2017: Channelization design, hydraulic study and preliminary drainage design

2018: 30 percent design complete