Sky Valley Shooting Park

Project Description:

Sky Valley Shooting Park is an undeveloped, county owned piece of property in east Snohomish County near the City of Sultan, just off of the Sultan Basin Road. The property is approximately 146 acres fronting on the Sultan Basin Road and surrounded by Department of Natural Resources Land. This park is intended to be developed into a multi-purpose shooting range and will be managed through a public-private or public-nonprofit partnership.

In 1986, the County’s Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan first notes provision of a shooting facility as a long-term goal. This goal is continued in the county’s 2001 and 2007 Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plans. 1994 A feasibility study for a shooting range on several sites in the county was completed. This study indicated that the Sultan Basin site was most feasible for a shooting range. Between 1997 and 2002 an extensive public outreach process was conducted which culminated in a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in April 2002.

Snohomish County staff began working in 2002 with State DNR staff to initiate the reconveyance of the Sultan Basin Road property. The reconveyance of this site, for the purpose of a recreational shooting range, was completed in December 2011. In the fall of 2013 a consulting team was selected to develop a master plan for the shooting park site. That team is made up of local design professionals and a nationally recognized range architect, Lauren Kramer

The design process has begun to develop a master plan for the site. The master plan will lay out the desired elements of a multi-use shooting park to maximize the usage of the site while protecting environmentally sensitive area and minimizing the impact on those that live in the area.

Current Status:

Preliminary layouts were developed through the input of the public and an ad-hoc committee.  The ad-hoc committee was made up of shooting enthusiasts, environmentalists, park near neighbors and led by our design team.  As we investigated the property intended for the shooting park, it was discovered that the on-site wetlands are larger and of a higher quality than we expected.  These wetlands require the largest and most restrictive buffers be protected around them.  With these constraints, it was clear that the site could not support a shooting range of the size and scope envisioned by the public and those involved in planning the layout of the range.  

With this new information, the County has made a formal request to the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to have a larger piece of property re-conveyed to the County for use as a shooting park. This property is much better suited for a shooting park and is in the same general vicinity as the piece owned by the County.  The County is investigating critical area issues on this property and if it is deemed suitable for a shooting range, we will request the re-conveyance move forward.  At that time we will re-engage the public planning process.

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