Project Description:  

Cavelero Hill Park is County owned park property located within the city limits of the City of Lake Stevens.  This park was master planned back in 2002 prior to the addition of several pieces of property.  The ownership of the park property is now much larger than it was back then.  Additionally, the original master plan included locating the County Parks and Recreation administrative office on the Cavelero Hill Park site.  The Parks administrative offices were built at Willis Tucker Park instead and therefore are no longer needed at Cavelero Hill Park.  Given the additional property and changing priorities, an updated master plan is needed. 

Recently, The City of Lake Stevens and the Lake Stevens Rotary Club agreed to partner with the County to update the park master plan.  As an act of community service, Lake Stevens Rotary has proposed to raise funds to develop a skate park on the Cavelero Hill Park site. 

A collaborative master plan update process has begun with Snohomish County and the City of Lake Stevens.  The first step in that process was to assemble an ad-hoc committee to help direct the design.  This committee is made up of City elected officials, Parks commissioners, recreation enthusiasts neighbors and community activists.  A public meeting was held in on September 9th 2014 that was attended by about 70 people.  A list of park program elements was generated and participants had the opportunity to vote on things that they wanted to see at the park. 

Since that public meeting, the ad-hoc committee has met to prioritize the list of program elements and to review preliminary design alternatives for the site.  County staff developed alternative that were presented at a public meeting on December 9th 2014.

Current Status:

Preliminary master plan alternatives were developed and presented at the second public meeting on December 9th, 2014.  With the publics input, the ad-hoc committee refined the plans into one preferred alternative drawing.   A request for qualifications was issued in October 2015 for a skate park designer.  Snohomish County and the City of Lake Stevens will be moving ahead with the preparation of construction drawings for phase one of the park development.  Phase one includes a skate park, access road and parking.  Public meetings will begin in early 2016 to receive input from the skating community into the design of the skate park.

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Contact Person:  Kevin Teague