Heybrook Ridge

Project Description

Snohomish County Parks and Recreation is working closely with the 'Friends of Heybrook Ridge' to develop and maintain this 143-acre property. In accordance with Protective Covenants set forth in the property purchase and sales agreement, the park will be developed for the purposes of forest protection, environmental education and passive recreation.

The Heybrook Ridge Recreation Management Plan (RMP) is complete and provides an adaptive management tool for construction and maintenance of trails and other passive recreation elements within the Park.  Using an adaptive management strategy, the RMP will allow for future flexibility.  As new information and/or opportunities become available, the plan may be modified to avoid ecologically sensitive areas, erosion prone slopes, user conflicts and/or other unforeseen site conditions.  Modifications and/or additions may also occur to enhance the park recreational experience.  Existing habitat and ecological conditions were inventoried and evaluated as part of the recreation planning process; however the RMP does not include detailed recommendations for vegetation and/or habitat management.  Additional planning for vegetation and habitat management will be conducted as future needs and/or opportunities arise.

Snohomish County Parks has implemented Phase 1 of the Trail Construction project which consists of a 1.6 mile moderate hiking trail with an elevation gain of approximately 760 feet. The phase 1 trail ends on the south side of the ridge in a previously logged area with a great views to Bridal Veil Falls, Mt. Index, and the surrounding Skykomish valley.  Future development phases may include a lower accessible loop trail and a trail that connects to the Heybrook Lookout trail.  These future phases will be dependent on funding.

Elevation map of Heybrook ridge

Current Status

  • Phase 1 is complete. The trail is complete to the viewpoint! This is a 1.6 mile moderate hiking trail with an elevation gain of approximately 760 feet. There is parking at the trail head with information about the site and wildlife that you might see on the trail on the kiosk.
  • Parks is beginning work on Phase 2 of site development, which is focused on lower accessible trail development and a trail connection to the 10-acre park parcel that is southwest of the main park property, referred to as the “Annex”. 
  • Critical Area Study has been completed for the lower section of the park
  • A consultant was selected to perform a Cultural Resource Study in the lower area of the park. This is part of the preparations to create an accessible trail. Work will be done fall 2020.
  • Parks, working with the Friends of Heybrook Ridge, Washington Trails Association (WTA) and the US Forest Service laid out a trail that connects the upper trail with the park “Annex” property which is southeast of the main park property
  • On call consultant was selected to develop construction drawings for the installation of the lower, ADA trail

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Contact Person:  

Sharon Swan, Principal Planner

6705 Puget Park Drive

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Email Sharon Swan

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