Meadowdale Design Phase

Snohomish County Parks and Recreation/Surface Water Management Div. of Public Works/Snohomish County Marine Resources Partnership

Project Description

This project includes preparing design drawings for permit submittal and final construction bid documents for the preferred alternative that was selected during the feasibility phase. The design consists of removing approximately 130
linear feet of railroad embankment and installing a four-span railroad bridge  Approximately 2 plus acres of created/restored estuary and riparian habitat enhancement is proposed with a second footbridge located over Lund's Gulch Creek. Paths will be relocated to provide viewpoints of the estuary. 

Background Timeline
  • 1971 - Meadowdale Beach Properties purchased with grant and bond monies for the purpose of developing a public park with beach access.
  • 1988: Park development project/Agreement with BNSF for shared use of Lund's Gulch Creek culvert for access to beach
  • 1997-present: Gravels deposited upstream/downstream of culvert negatively impact beach access, fish passage, sediment transport, and cause flooding
  • 2014-2015: Feasibility Study to develop Preferred Alternative to address impacts to beach access, included stakeholder meetings.
  • 2015: Awarded 250K Salmon Recovery Funding Board Grant for Preliminary Desgin
  • 2016-2019: Investigative studies/Preparation of construction documents, permitting, bid phase

Lunds Gulch Creek Culvert under BNSF Railroad

Meadowdale Tunnel

Current Status


Consultants selected and contracts awarded Summer 2016.  A kick-off meeting with consultants was held in October. Survey and investigative studies including cultural resources, critical areas delineation, groundwater monitoring, boundary and topographic survey and geotechnical investigation is on-going within park property boundary. An Application for a Temporary Occupancy Permit for performing investigative studies within the railroad right of way was submitted to BNSF in July. Comments from BNSF on the preliminary conceptual design were received in September 2016.

Project Schedule (tentative)*

Design/Permitting/Construction Drawings

  • Investigative studies/Preliminary Design - Complete December 2017
  • 90% Design/Cost Estimate/Project Specifications - Complete Summer 2018
  • Permitting - 2018/2019
  • Complete Bid Package/Advertise for Bid - Fall 2019
  • Construct - 2020

Funding Process for Construction

  • Funding Strategy Meetings  - Ongoing
  • Meet with Grant Agencies - Spring/Summer 2017
  • Develop Grant Proposals/Applications- 2018
*Schedule subject to change based on budget process, BNSF approval, and permitting

Upcoming Meetings 


  • Community Meeting (TBD - Feb 2017)

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Contact Person:  Logan Daniels, P.E., Parks Engineer
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