The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Program has been an integral part of the organization since the early 1960s when two independent patrols combined into one unit. Over the past three decades, the Reserve Program has had the participation of about 50 personnel from various backgrounds and careers.

The program has seen many changes over those years. What was once a program used primarily for augmenting patrol staffing has now become a program involved with many different facets of the Sheriff’s Office. Personnel participate in many functions, including patrol, investigations, training and exercises, special events, search and rescue, aviation, and marine services.  


Reserve Candidates must meet the same minimum hiring requirements as a full time Deputy Sheriff to be considered (age, criminal history, background, etc.) Reserves are required to purchase their own uniforms and equipment. This can be up to a $2,500 expense. Likewise, attendance at a Reserve Academy is at the candidate's own expense. 

Candidates are required to successfully pass an initial background check, polygraph and psychological examinations, physical agility exam, and a drug screening. Candidates must also successfully complete the Washington State Basic Reserve Academy and a Field Training Officer (FTO) Program.

Successful candidates are required to meet minimum standards for monthly hours of service. They are also required to successfully qualify with a firearm and maintain that proficiency.


The Sheriff's Office is not currently accepting applications for Reserve Deputy Sheriff.  Click here if you are interested in adding your name to our list so that we can contact you when applications are being accepted.

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