Reserve Deputy Sheriff working as a crew chief on the Search and Rescue helicopter team during the Oso mudslide

Reserve Deputy Sheriff working as a crew chief on the Search and Rescue helicopter team-Oso

NOTICE: The Reserve academy and hiring process has been postponed. We are not accepting applications at this time. Please check back here for updates.

Volunteer as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff 

Reserve Deputies are volunteers who graduate from an academy and assist with patrol operations. Being a Reserve Deputy Sheriff creates opportunities to learn about criminal justice and gain experience working in law enforcement. Reserve Deputies have opportunities to: 

  • Participate in Marine and Bicycle patrol 
  • Assist patrol with everyday law enforcement operations 
  • Work special details throughout the county 
  • Be a member of the Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter rescue team 
  • Volunteer with the Region 1 SWAT team
  • Assist with crime scene containment 
  • Assist with K-9 tracks
  • Provide scene security for the Snohomish County Drug Task Force
  • Provide hospital security for suspects


Applicants must successfully complete and graduate from the Reserve Academy (249.5 hours). 

  • The Reserve Academy will run for approximately 6 months. Classes will be approximately 50 hours per month and will take place on weekday evenings and on two weekends per month.

Within two years of successfully completing the Reserve Academy, Reserve Deputy Sheriffs must: 

  • Complete Field Training (480 hours) and reach Level 1 Reserve status

Each year following, Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are required to: 

  • Complete 192 hours of patrol time to maintain Level 1 status
  • Complete 24 hours of state required annual training 
  • Qualify with a firearm and maintain proficiency 

Reserve Candidates must meet the same minimum hiring requirements as a full time Deputy Sheriff to be considered (age, criminal history, background, etc.) Reserves are required to purchase their own uniforms and equipment. Likewise, attendance at a Reserve Academy is at the candidate's own expense.

Candidates are required to successfully pass an oral board, initial background check, polygraph and psychological examinations, physical agility exam (listed below), and a drug screening.

CJTC Physical Agility Test requirements, must meet the current corrections PAT:

Event #1Push-ups - 90 seconds15
Event #2Sit-ups - 90 seconds12
Event #3Squat Thrusts - 3 minutes25