Residential Building Permits

The following set of webpages have been designed to assist you in understanding how to successfully submit an application for your residential project. The rules and regulations that control building and property development have become very complicated. More stringent regulations have added to the overall complexity of the permit process. This complexity requires applicants to provide more detailed information and provide plans and reports to address impacts from the proposed development. This information needs to be prepared and submitted with your building permit application package. 

The following pages and links have been developed to assist customers in identifying what development regulations, applications, checklists, reports and/or studies you may need to prepare for your project in order for your application to be accepted. 

If you have not yet met with PDS we encourage you to visit with our staff so that we can provide you with a clear understanding of the requirements associated with your project. Our front counter staff can provide you with an initial project screening to discuss what applications, checklists and supporting information you will need for your project.

If you wish to meet with our staff please fill out the Pre-Application Conference and drop it off at our front counter. Or you can also apply for a Pre-Application Conference online at For more information on please see our Online Permitting page.
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