Information Technology Awards

Group picture of award winners

L to R: Bryan Terry, David Baxter, Amy Powell, Bryan Goodwin, Lisa Powell, David Stroble, Leon Zainwel, Matt Crisler

These awards are presented by the Department of Information Technology in recognition of outstanding achievements completed during the prior year (2014).

Recognizing Outstanding Achievements in the Use of Information or Technology

  1. Best new technology developed or programmed internally covers any new business function, application or map.
    • Matt Crisler, Assessor's Office for SASMAP
  2. Best use of existing technology in an innovative way acknowledges adaptation of technology to improve a business process.
    • Lisa Powell, Business Applications Programmer/Analyst, Human Services for PDR Tool
  3. Best new acquired technology covers a new tool, social media site, cell or tablet app, or online tool for PCs.
    • Systems Team, Information Services for CISCO Nexus 7000 Core Network Switching

Recognizing Collaboration with the Information Technology Department

  1. Best county partner covers all departments and offices, as well as specific teams or work groups.
    • Department of Public Works
  2. Best project completion, whether for completing early, or under budget, for being more beneficial than expected, etc.
    • Snohomish County Website Redesign
    • Corrections Bureau of the Sheriff's Office for CorEMR
  3. Best non-county partner is for vendors, consultants, or other non-county people whose knowledge, skills or activities contributed significantly to an Information Technology achievement.
    • City of Arlington