Best New Technology Developed or Programmed Internally

Information Technology Award

This award covers any new business function, application or map developed within any department or office during the prior year (2014).

  • Awarded to: Matt Crisler, Assessor's Office
  • Awarded for: SASMAP
  • Description: Matt Crisler, GIS Coordinator for the Assessor’s Office, created SASMAP to help with research and analysis, including hundreds of features that make the complex work of property appraisal easier and faster. Dozens of property appraisers use SASMAP in the field throughout the work day to coordinate work assignments, monitor new construction and physical inspections, make comparisons, navigate, and much more. Office staff on campus use SASMAP as well for analytical work.
    SASMAP is a powerful application using ESRI's ArcGIS Explorer and relying on data in multiple GIS formats (map services, enterprise geo-databases, file geo-databases, layer packages, raster datasets, etc.); various tabular formats (SQL, MS Access, SharePoint, XML, etc.); other web services (Bing Maps, Google Street View, MapQuest geocoding and route optimization), and GPS.
Matt Crisler


  • Nominated: Evan Mathiasen and Karri Salas, Public Works Engineering Services
  • Nominated for:  Project Specifications Process
  • Description: Revised an outdated manual project specifications development process, converting it to electronic process to save paper, labor, and transit time and cost. The new process builds the specifications package as one PDF document, rather than separate files and hand inserts.

  • Nominated:  Evan Mathiasen, Public Works Engineering Services
  • Nominated for: Plan Review Memos Automation
  • Description: Automated data input to Plan Review Memos which track project expenditures at development milestones throughout the life of the project, using the new Expense Cube (download of expenditures to an Excel Pivot table designed by Brian Beason). he automation decreases the time needed from four hours to less than one hour and increases accuracy.