Best Project Completion

Recognizing Collaboration with Information Technology

Some projects are successful because they are completed either early, or under budget. Some projects succeed because the business transformation started by the project was far more beneficial than expected. Other projects succeed because they were completed just in the nick of time -- only days or weeks before the tools being replaced broke or shut down. This covers all technology projects completed in 2014, with two awards presented.

  • Awarded to: Snohomish County Enterprise
  • Project Manager: David Stroble
  • Awarded for: Snohomish County Website Redesign
  • Description: Snohomish County introduced a new web site in February, 2014, offering a fresh view of county services and information with contemporary features: easy use via mobile devices, enhanced search, integrated document management, and stunning visuals. Dave Stroble, Information Technology Business Applications Analyst 5, managed this project, leading staff from all departments. County web authors are expanding use of new options for electronic forms, resident alerts, and neighborhood-focused content.

    The new web site became a crucial tool for sharing disaster information about the Oso landslide just one month after the site was published.
David Stroble
  • Awarded to: Corrections Bureau of the Sheriff's Office
  • Project Manager: Leon Zainwel
  • Awarded for: CorEMR
  • Description: The Corrections Bureau of the Sheriff's Office implemented an electronic medical records system, CorEMR, in September, 2014. CorEMR holds medical information collected from inmates during intake and makes the information more organized and accessible, while providing alerts to staff on inmate health concerns. Fully HIPAA compliant, CorEMR helps save lives.

    CorEMR replaces a paper medical records process that had accumulated over one million pages of records. CorEMR was one of the most complex new applications for Snohomish County in over a decade. in spite of its complexity, the project was completed ahead of schedule and at just 20% of what the vendor estimated it might cost.
Leon Zainwell


  • Nominated: Information Technology Network Engineering Team
  • Nominated for: Network Redesign
  • Description: The Network Engineering Team completed an extremely complex network redesign which impacted every single device on the county network. This project replaced core network routers that were over ten years old with a new routing platform t offering a throughput increased forty times, and improved network resiliency. When core switching and routing is replaced several hours of downtime in some areas of the network is nearly always experienced. The team completed this project on time, on budget, and to specification with less than five minutes of dropped service to any individual user.