Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is responsible for investigating crimes against children as well as sexual assaults on adults and children. SIU detectives are specially trained and dedicated to dealing with the some of the difficult and most intensely personal crimes.

Personnel assigned to this unit are charged with investigating allegations of sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, child pornography, human trafficking, and rapes that occur in the Snohomish County jail. The focus of investigations is to establish the facts and locate evidence and supporting statements relevant to the crime. Detectives carefully and thoroughly assemble cases from information provided by the victim and witnesses and all collateral and corroborative sources of information. Physical evidence, photographs, computer/digital data, DNA materials, clothing and fingerprints are collected for the investigation. Detectives apply investigative procedures that identify the perpetrator, establishes probable cause and leads to the apprehension of the offender. While investigating the crime, detectives are focused on safeguarding the rights and personal dignity of the victim.

SIU works hand in hand and on site with the Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center, the region’s premier child advocacy center located in Everett. Dawson Place is a nonprofit multidisciplinary team serving child victims of sexual or physical abuse in Snohomish County. SIU works with Child Protective Services (CPS), Compass Mental Health, Providence Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse and a dedicated team of Snohomish County prosecutor attorneys in an all-encompassing team that supports victims throughout the investigation, trial and beyond.


Rape - an act of penile/vaginal/other orifice penetration committed without the consent of the victim. Penetration, however slight, is an act of rape. Children are not legally considered to be able grant consent, therefore sexual contact with children constitutes rape/child molestation under Washington State law.

Consent - agreeing to an action freely, voluntarily, and with knowledge of the nature of the act. If you are passed out because of alcohol or drug use, you cannot consent. Consent is an ongoing process and is not something given just once.

Sexual Assault  - includes rape, sexual assault, non-consensual sodomy, non-consensual oral copulation, and non-consensual penetration by a foreign object, including fingers.

What to do...

Victim Resources

Office of Crime Victims Advocacy

Dawson Place

Crisis Line: (425) 252-4800

Providence Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse

Compass Health

Snohomish County Human Trafficking Hotline:
(425) 258-9037

Snohomish County Tip Line
(425) 388-3845

Planned Parenthood
(800) 230-PLAN

Victim Rights

Washington State law provides victims with certain rights to protect crime victims and ensure that they have access to services before, during and after criminal proceedings.