Snohomish County Events

Here you will find Snohomish County public events, festivals and happenings throughout the year. Just select your preferred dates and interests.
  1. Music on the Plaza

    Music on the Plaza

    Music on the Plaza begins in July on Snohomish County campus. From Country, Steel Drum, Blues/R&B/Soul, Rockin' Cajun, Indie, Party Rock to Classic Rock, Snohomish County’s 2017 Music on the Plaza lineup features an artist for every musical taste.

  2. Evergreen State Fair

    Evergreen State Fair

    The Evergreen State Fairgrounds hosts the annual 12-day Evergreen State Fair every August through Labor Day. The Fair is one of the largest events held annually in the Pacific Northwest and is the largest single attraction held in Snohomish County. August 24, 2017 - September 4, 2017

  3. Past Events

    Past Events

    Take a peek at some of our past events