1. Animal Complaints

    Access the reporting tool for animal complaints within the county.

  2. Arts Commission

    Learn about the Arts Commission of Snohomish County.

  3. Assessor’s Tax Relief

    Property tax relief programs available to property owners.

  4. Bids

    Browse through current bid opportunities within the county.

  5. Boards & Commissions

    Peruse information about the different boards and commissions throughout the community.

  6. County News

    Find out what news was released in the county.

  7. Customer Service Center

    Read about the services and offices within the Customer Service Center.

  8. Diversity Council

    Review information about the Diversity Council and the role they play in the community.

  9. Domestic Violence Information

    Get information about domestic violence in the county.

  10. Elections

    Menu link to Elections info

  11. Emergency Information

    Learn from the emergency resources available to the public.

  12. Enhanced 911

    Find out about the enhanced 911 system.

  13. Find-It Washington

    Access Find-It! Washington, a service of the Washington State Library.

  14. Focus on Farming

    Discover the focus that is on farming within the community.

  1. Guide to County Government

    Review the guide available to visitors to Snohomish County and the operation of the county.

  2. Interlocal Agreements

    Obtain information about the interlocal agreements in the community.

  3. Jobs

    Peruse the available employment opportunities within the county.

  4. Licensing

  5. Maps & GIS

    Explore the county using the different geographic information system maps available.

  6. Office of Energy & Sustainability

    Get information about sustainability in the county.

  7. Public Records

    Submit a request for public records and disclosures.

  8. Public Safety

    Learn about public safety through the available resources.

  9. Risk Management Claims

  10. Snohomish County Code

    Obtain access to the Snohomish county code.

  11. Taxes & Assessments

  12. Volunteer Opportunities

    Browse through volunteer opportunities within the community.

  13. Webcast Index

    Watch webcasts released by the county.