Business Personal Property

  • If you own or operate a business in Snohomish County, the assessed value of the equipment you use to run your business is taxed. This is called personal property tax and it applies to businesses in every county in Washington State and most states across the nation. State law requires every business to report their personal property each year to the county assessor for assessment purposes (Revised Code of Washington {RCW} 84.40.185).

Our goal is to assess any equipment your business may own at its assessed value. Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding personal property, a list of helpful links, and a collection of online tools that may be able to make filing your personal property taxes easier.

Can I file using other personal property forms or software, or must I use Snohomish County’s Listing Form?

You must file on Snohomish County’s Personal Property Listing Form, or use Snohomish County’s eFile. Each county assessor has its own listing form. Other forms or software do not meet all our requirements. RCW 84.40.040

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(Must have an existing Personal Property account number)


The following resources are available to assist you in understanding property taxes and property control functions:

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