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Unit or Department Hours Phone Commander/Unit Supervisor Services
Anonymous Tip Line 24/7 425-388-3845
Voice mail box to provide anonymous information about a person of interest, crime, or case being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office
Civil Unit M-F, 9-4:30 425-388-3060 Rebecca Koontz Court orders, writ of small claims, subpoena, writ of replevin, eviction, restraining orders, sales or real and personal property

East Precinct

M-Th, 10-5

425-388-6260 Lt. Mike Martin Sultan Police Department headquarters, Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports. 
Evidence Control MT,ThF, 9-11, Noon-3 425-388-7050

Sgt. Matt Onderbeke

Storage and maintainence of property, disposal of illegal firearms, found and recovered stolen property
Gold Bar Police Station M-F, 9-5 360-793-8986 Sgt. Dave Casey Patrol services for Gold Bar and Index
Granite Falls Police Department M-F, 9-5 360-691-6611

Sgt. Christopher Ferreira

Concealed Pistol License applications, (for city residents only) fingerprinting, filing crime reports
Investigations M-F, 9-5 425-388-3345 Capt. Rob Palmer Oversees the Major Crimes, General and Special Investigations Units
Media Line 24/7 425-249-6263 Shari Ireton Media inquiries, news releases
North Precinct

M-F, 9-5

425-388-5200 Lt. Ian Huri Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports
Office of Neighborhoods M-F, 9-5


Sgt. Ryan Boyer

Sgt. Becky Lewis

Neighborhood Watch, homeless outreach, community outreach, crime prevention, volunteer services, You Are Not Alone, Citizen’s Academy
Office of Professional Accountability T-F, 9-5 425-388-3249 Sgt. Tom Morris

If you believe a deputy or other Sheriff’s Office employee has engaged in inappropriate behavior, you may file a complaint in person or by phone, mail, email or on-line to the Office of Professional Accountability.

Public Disclosure

M-F, 9-4:30

425-388-3863 Jessica Payne Records requests, police reports

Search and Rescue

M-F, 9-5 425-388-3328

Sgt. John Adams

Volunteer search and rescue, Project Care Track, helicopter rescue team, K-9 search and rescue, mountain rescue, swiftwater rescue

Sheriff's Office Administration M-F, 9-5 425-388-3393 Sheriff Ty Trenary Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports
Snohomish Police Department M-F, 9-5 360-568-0888 Lt. Keith Rogers Concealed Pistol License applications (City of Snohomish residents only), fingerprinting, filing crime reports
South Precinct M-F, 9-5 425-388-5250 Lt. Scott Robertson Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports

Stanwood Police Department

M-F, 9-5 425-388-5290 Lt. Norm Link Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports

Sex Offender Registration

M-F, 9-4:30 425-388-3675 Detective Chad Matthews Registered sex offender registration, notification, and resources