Sessions (Forestry)

The Focus on Forestry sessions for 2017 are shown below. 
Time Session
9:45 a.m.   Cooperative Forest Products Marketing: Small Woodland Owners Working Together
Presenter: Terrence Meyers, Founder and Director of Washington Woodland Cooperative, Owner of Forest Farmstead

Terrence Meyers will talk about the challenges and experiences discovered while establishing the Washington Woodland Cooperative. The newly formed co-op aims to help forest land owners sustainably harvest their land and collectively market forest products including nursery plants, essential oils, charcoal, crafts, holiday bows, and more. Session focus will be on current efforts to establish dry firewood banks where co-op members can store and dry firewood to be sold on their behalf by the cooperative. Attendees will be invited to join the cooperative and help chart its course forward. 

11:00 a.m. Marketing Timber From Your Forest
Presenter: Bill Turner, Division Timber Manager for Sierra Pacific Industries

Most landowners may only harvest timber on their property once or twice in their lifetime and the process of preparing management plans, harvesting options, and deciding how to market logs can seem daunting and overwhelming. This presentation will give landowners tools that they need in knowing and understanding the timber and log marketing arena. It is structured to take away some of the mystery in the process and leave participants with some confidence to move forward in the process. Subjects include permits, marketing timber, logging costs, taxes, and hiring a professional. 

3:00 p.m. Ecology and Management of Common and Emerging Forest Diseases in Western Washington
Presenter: Amy Ramsey, Forest Pathologist, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

This session is an introduction to the general ecology of major and emerging tree diseases affecting forest stands in Western Washington. Participants will learn to identify diseases, preventative and mitigation management practices, and become familiar with available resources and assistance in Western Washington. A few of the diseases covered include foliar, root, stem decays and hardwood declines.

4:15 p.m.
Silviculture 101: An Intro to Managing Your Forest
Presenter: Boyd Norton, Stewardship Forester, Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

This session is an overview of Forest Silviculture. Providing landowners information for stewarding forest lands, developing a forest plan, a road map with goals to manage forest health, wildlife and fish habitat, special forest products, aesthetics, timber production, and fire safety. It will introduce attendees to management practices such as planting, tree spacing, thinning, pruning, brush control, tree planting, invasive species, roads and how they apply to your property and your objectives. Participants are asked to bring in examples of their forest or the forest that they would like to have.