Sessions (Forestry)

The Focus on Forestry sessions for 2018 are shown below. 

Time Session
9:45 a.m.   Choosing the Right Logging Contractor for Your Forest
Presenter: Wally Michalec - Chief Forester Michalec & Associates Consulting Forestry Services, Arlington, WA

How do you go about selecting a logging contractor for your property? Michalec brings his decades of experience helping small forest landowners to help them choose a professional and reputable logging operator. Every landowner has a different vision and goal for their land management. Choosing the logging contractor is one of the most important steps to reach these goals when logging, selling timber and planting afterwards. Landowners may want to receive various quotes from different loggers. Michalec will highlight common challenges and tips to choosing the best contractor for small forest landowners. Bring ideas for what you would like to see on your forest or future forestlands.

11:00 a.m. Forest Practices and Applying for a Forest Practices Permit
Presenter: Hollis Crapo - Forest Practices Forester, Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources, Arlington, WA

Want to manage your forest lands, repair roads, harvest timber, replace culverts, manage for wild fires or thin trees? Oftentimes, the work to accomplish your goals will require a Forest Practices Permit. This session is an introduction to Forest Practice Permits. Permitting can be one of the most confusing parts of managing timber lands. Boyd has led numerous small forest landowners through the permit process. Participants are asked to bring in examples of their forest plans or the forest that they would like to have. 

3:00 p.m. Agroforestry Opportunities
Presenter: Matt Van Boven – Owner of Feral Farm and Raven Star Farm specializing in AgroForestry, Rockport, WA

Van Boven has been operating an agroforestry farm for over two decades. He focuses on planting to compliment the ecological functions of the forests on the 50 acers of lands they manage. While most landowners wait to harvest timber on their property once or twice in their lifetime, Van Boven will highlight other forest products to harvest to diversify the economic income from your forested property. Come with ideas you have for nontimber forestry management goals on your property.

4:15 p.m.
Protecting Forest Lands: Timber Theft, Timber Contracts & Trespass
Presenter: Anne Minden - Principal at Minden & Associates, LLC, Winthrop, WA

Learn the keys to protecting your forest, identify vulnerable/valuable trees, and the common forms of theft on forested lands from an international and local expert in timber theft and timber trespass. Anne Minden has extensive experience and has conducted numerous investigations involving timber sale contract issues, thefts against boundaries between government and private property, and the poaching of high dollar timber species including bigleaf maple and western red cedar.