Carousel Ranch Park

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Project Description

Location: 21815 SR 9 SE Woodinville, WA 98072

Maltby Area Park (aka Carousel Ranch) is a 65.23-acre future park site. Cutthroat Creek meanders from the northeast across the woodland and flows through a culvert under SR 9 to the west. There are several existing structures, wetlands, ponds and horse barns. Snohomish County Parks and Recreation is in the process of designing the park set forth by the 2005 Brightwater Mitigation Agreement and other program elements through input from public meetings and an Ad Hoc Committee comprised of an equitable number of neighbors, stakeholder/user groups and county park staff.


The site was acquired on October 30, 2015, through funding from the 2005 Brightwater Mitigation Agreement between King County and Snohomish County for the construction and siting of the Brightwater Treatment Plant in Snohomish County.

“This project will provide primarily active recreation facilities for the broad community surrounding the treatment plant site. The community and potential user groups will be included in the design process that will lead by Snohomish County. Multiple locations are currently being considered. This funding is for acquisition and development of this active recreation facility,” from the 2005 Brightwater Settlement Agreement.


Four fields will be constructed and striped to accommodate multiple sports with lighting to allow night games to be played. The fields will be striped for the following sports:

  • Soccer
  • Baseball and softball
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Rugby

There will be an off-leash dog area, walking trails, and a connection to the current Brightwater trails to the south.

Current Status

Updated 5/11/22

  • Snohomish County Parks Division submitted local permitting plans to Snohomish County Planning and Development Services 4/1/2022 for initial review. Review time is anticipated to be 90 Days.  

    We are potentially putting out construction bids for contractors fall 2022.

  • Army Corps of Engineers Federal permits were forwarded to NOAA Fisheries for their review 12/20/21; they have not yet assigned a project manager as of today.

  • As part of the permitting process, Tribal Nations were consulted. They have reviewed the mitigation plans and are satisfied that the mitigation will be of positive benefit to salmon production.

  • In collaboration with DCNR SWM Division, improvements were made to Cutthroat Creek for water quality and fish habitat.
  • Project currently in permitting phase.

Cutthroat Creek Habitat Project

For information on Surface Water Management's restoration project, within Carousel Ranch Park, click HERE.

Contact Person

Rob Marchand, Senior Park Planner
Snohomish County Park and Recreation
6705 Puget Park Drive
Snohomish. WA. 98296
(425) 388-6632
Email Rob Marchand