156th St SE Corridor Improvements


The 156th St SE Corridor project aims to improve the roadway and provide continuous pedestrian facilities along 156th St SE from 35th Ave SE to west of Forest View Elementary School and Gateway Middle School.

Some improvements being considered include:
  • Improving vertical curves along the roadway
  • Providing intersection improvements at 156th St SE and Sunset Rd
  • Adding pedestrian facilities connecting already existing sidewalk strips west of Sunset Rd
  • Constructing pedestrian facilities along 156th St SE between Sunset Rd to Forest View Elementary School and Gateway Middle School


2016: Completed surveying topography of the project area
2017: Right of way plan, preliminary design, environmental review and community outreach
2018-2019: Right of way purchase and design schedule

Environmental Review

The county will complete an environmental review of the proposed project in 2016.


County Road funds are available during the design and right-of-way phases.

Public Meeting

Snohomish County Public Works held a public meeting on February 23, 2017 to discuss three projects in this area. The projects were Seattle Hill Rd, 35th Ave SE, and 156th St SE. Staff was available to answer questions about the construction on Seattle Hill Rd, review proposed road improvements to the section of 35th Ave SE, and gather feedback on potential designs for the 156th St SE project.