Public Records Requests

Request for Judicial Administrative Records- Requests will be accepted starting 1/1/2016

Notice:  To request information regarding a case, please see the Superior Court Clerk’s Office

A request for access to judicial administrative records maintained by Snohomish County Superior Court are subject to the provisions of Washington State Rule GR 31.1, should be directed in writing to the Public Records Specialist. Please use the public records portal to make a request, or download a Public Disclosure Request form, complete and submit in person, by mail, or FAX to the following location:

Snohomish County Superior  Court
Attention: Public Records Specialist
3000 Rockefeller Ave., MS 502
Everett, WA  98201
Phone: 425-388-3369
Fax:  425-388-3498

Note: Records requested are subject to payment of a fee as provided by rule GR 31.1

  • Superior Court may charge the following costs for reproduction of administrative public records in accordance to GR31.1 (h) and Public Records Act, Chpt. 42.56 RCW. 
  • The Court may request a 10% deposit for large/complex records requests and may provide records in installments.    
  • Payment(s) are payable to Superior Court Public Records Specialist via cash or check. 
 Fees for Records:  
 Records collections, research and preparation  $30.00 per hour (there is no charge for the first hour)
 Paper copies on 11x17 paper or smaller, scanning  $0.15 per page
 CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DD  Actual Cost
 Postage for mailing public records  Actual Cost

To request a reduction in fee for public records request, please submit an Application for Reduction in Fees for Public Records Request form

Additional Public Records Information and forms:
Snohomish County Superior Court Records Retention Schedule
Request for Review of Public Records Specialist’s Decision form
Declaration to Release Public Records