New and Proposed Rules, Guidance, and Checklists

Snohomish County Planning and Development Services (PDS) is responsible for implementing and enforcing development and land use controls within its jurisdiction. PDS is continuously working to improve its guidance, policy, and procedures to meet the requirements of state and federal law, desires of the public, and needs of our customers.

From time to time, PDS will use its rulemaking authority to propose new and revised checklists and rules.

Checklists govern submittal requirements for applications and permits, in accordance with the spirit of established codes and policies. A 30-day notice period is required for all new and revised checklists.

PDS Director's Rules establish the means in which regulations shall operate. PDS can propose adoption of new and revised rules or the repeal of existing rules. A 21-day notice period is required for any proposed rule changes. During the notice period, the public and stakeholders are invited to provide comment on the proposed rule change. PDS will consider comments and may approve the proposed rule with or without further changes.

Additionally, PDS revises and adds bulletins to provide general guidance on wide-ranging policy and regulations. Bulletins are meant to serve as purely informational and do not supplant regulatory requirements of code, policy, and rules.

All currently proposed checklists and rules are listed below in addition to new and revised bulletins. For information regarding proposed changes to land use regulations or policies, see the Active Code Projects page.

Proposed and Revised Rules, Guidance, and Checklists