Online Statements

Your tax payments are now available online at no additional cost through the Paystation® Login Portal. These online statements are the same ones you receive in the mail and have been added to the website for your convenience. Every time a new tax statement is uploaded into the system, online users receive an emailed notification that there is a current statement available online, and the email includes a link to the secure portal to login.

This is a secure, simple way for you to manage your tax parcel account at your convenience, 24/7!

Create User Account
Pay Without Registering

Why register for an account?

Once you have registered for a Paystation® account, you can instantly access and manage your bills from Snohomish County. You will need a current statement from Snohomish County to create an account.

  • Securely make a payment with a credit card, debit card, or by eCheck
  • Manage future payments
  • View payment history
  • Access your statements

Benefits to Online Statements

There are multiple benefits to invoices online:

  • PDF format bills
  • Easy to print
  • Easy to save
  • Secure online storage
  • Identical to paper bills
  • Instant access 24/7
  • Electronic notification

Multiple Account Convenience

Once you Login to Paystation® for the first time, you are able to easily add other tax parcel accounts to the same login allowing you to view and pay multiple accounts online with one easy step. Link these accounts together to have one place to manage all of your tax parcels in one easy location.


In the secure Paystation® logon portal you can make one time payments via eCheck or credit card with one easy step. You can store the payment profile for ease of use and the money gets posted directly into your account avoiding any delays in the mail or third party bill payment services.

  • Get up to date information on amount due
  • Pay the half
  • Pay the full amount due
  • Pay multiple invoices with one transaction
  • Schedule a payment for a date in the future- make the payment for when you want, set it once and the system will process it per your instructions
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Users can also make payments to Snohomish County using Paystation® without logging on. Enter your Parcel #, Full Name exactly as it appears on your statement, and statement date, the system will then lookup your account and present the amount owed.

Paystation® Online Bill Presentment and Payment Benefits Summary

  • Consolidated source to view account information and pay bills
  • Simplifies payment processes
  • Adds convenience- makes it easier to pay bills with increased payment options
  • Store payment profiles for ease of use
  • Tax parcel consolidation – view multiple tax accounts with one login
  • Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week