Docket XVIII (2017)

The Snohomish County Council adopted Motion No. 16-171 on June 1, 2016, which approved the final list of non-County-initiated proposals to amend the Growth Management Act (GMA) Comprehensive Plan for Docket XVIII. Final action on Docket XVIII will occur in conjunction with the adoption of County-initiated amendments to the GMA Comprehensive Plan in 2017.

Final Docket XVIII consists of one proposal. This proposal by Kevin Van Hollebeke, identified as SW1, would re-designate 0.45 acres in the SW Urban Growth Area (SWUGA) from Urban Low Density Residential to Urban High Density Residential on the Future Land Use Map of the General Policy Plan and rezone from R-9,600 to Multiple Residential.

Planning and Development Services determined that the SW1 docket proposal was consistent with the initial docket review criteria in Snohomish County Code 30.74.030 and 30.74.040 and should be processed for final action in 2017 as a minor amendment to the Comprehensive Plan.

The Snohomish County Planning Commission will conduct a briefing session on final Docket XVIII on April 25, 2017. View the agenda (PDF).

Additional Information

SW1 - Van Hollebeke